In a world overrun with information, your product, brand or service needs a unique strategy to penetrate the market and make it's voice heard.


Simplicity is power for brands, but often the simple solutions are the hardest to find. Find out how Divine can help you implement creativity on a whole new level.


The way we take the message to market today has to be creative, engineered to make a brand difference and demonstrate a capacity for original thinking that your competitors cannot replicate.


Located in the vibrant and cosmopolitan coastal city of Limassol, Divine Advertising is proud of it's successful 25 year advertising industry heritage. Famed for their progressive concept development, the agency's award winning, creative directors offer a personalised hands-on approach to strategic communications and marketing strategy planning. Through the vast experience accumulated over the years both nationally and internationally, their clients can obtain award winning communications material engineered to engage their audience and achieve outstanding results.

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To build an iconic brand within an industry, a successful concept begins with a well-defined Brand Positioning Statement that is RELEVANT to your market. You might think that since you have a logo, tagline and business card, you've completed your branding. But, unless you've carefully considered and defined ALL five of the key brand elements - Position, Promise, Personality Traits, Story, and Associations—you have only touched the surface of true Branding.


With many companies now understanding the significance of Creative Thinking for business, it’s no wonder that more and more organisations now have permanent creative thinkers on the board. Creative thinkers look at your business issues from a different perspective, often highlighting issues rather than hiding them. They take a different approach to conventional decision makers and offer alternative actions that make a business totally unique.


Through our award winning team of creative designers and art directors, Divine Advertising offers an unparalleled level of industry leading experience and know how, that can transform your product, brand or service through visual experiences. Design for print, press, web, packaging, interior spaces, signage or even product development, we have the experience to differentiate and add value to your offering through guided, expert design implementation.


Today’s methods of digital marketing has proved to be faster, more versatile, practical, economical and streamlined. It’s no wonder that businesses around the globe have been quick to celebrate the digital age. Although older generations may still turn to traditional media broadcasts, it’s a fact that the brave new generation of consumers have turned to digital media and that’s great! Firstly, digital marketing is infinitely more affordable but the main benefit is the ease that we can now measure and monitor results.


Whilst just a few years ago marketers needed to be aware of only a few media outlets, today's marketers must be well-versed in a wide range of media options. The major difference is clear, advances in communication technology, in particular, the internet has opened up the market to a new channel of communication that can be manipulated to creatively reach the target consumer effectively. Add Guerrilla tactics to the mix and now the choice becomes more about brand character than reach alone.


(print, digital, signage, video, sound) At Divine we have been building our network of production associates based on quality, reliability, workmanship and price and maintain one of the industries most respected names in regards to competence, technical understanding and development direction. Covering all aspects of Printing, Digital productions, Signage, Video, Sound and Photography, we have the production management team experience to guarantee success every time.


PR should not be compared to Advertising. PR uses intermediaries to communicate with your audience and to influence them. The intermediaries could be celebrities, spokespersons, stock analysts, investors, trend setters, customers, employees or bloggers. PR is NOT free advertising; as a matter of fact, it is a costly alternative since it is a very time consuming and labour intensive process. Get it right however and PR will transform the way people look at your business and will turn consumers into loyal clients.


At Divine Advertising, marketing is not just about understanding the client’s position in regards to market share, profile of their main clients, strengths and weaknesses, we incorporate a psychological profile of your brand, product or service and develop a plan of action that aims to transform what you are selling through a more scientifically proven method of communication. Our approach is simple, it’s not just about repetition, it’s about tailor making a campaign that touches the audience in a very unique way and creating bonds between consumers and brands that are inherently hard to break.


We love bringing your audience into contact with your brand. After all, it is one of the most successful ways of getting people to take notice of your brand. When Events are planned correctly and have a strong association with your product, brand or service, there are very few competing actions that could result in building a stronger relationship between your brand and the consumer. This has an irrevocable effect on a consumer’s subconscious mind, leading to preference, their willingness to pay a premium price and can even lead to brand name category leadership.

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